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The Critical Question

Review this chapter, especially the Winners’ Laws and How Do You Rate? sections. Then answer this question: How can I become more accepting of poker as it is?

Discuss your answer with someone you trust and take good notes

I like you, Alan, but at a poker table I take no prisoners.

Phil Dolan’s comment expresses the winners’ attitude: He is going to do whatever he can to beat me, but there is nothing personal about it. He would bluff me, steal my blinds, sandbag me, or do anything else the rules allow. I will do the same to him, but neither of us will take it personally. It is just the way the game is played.

The link to the preceding chapter is obvious. Once you accept your game as it is, its conflicts should become impersonal parts of the game. Taking them personally can cause many of the problems discussed in chapter 18. Now I will expand that discussion.

You will not acquire the right information. You may become so emotional that you will miss obvious signals from everyone. For example, you may become so intent on getting revenge on one person that you miss obvious signals from others.

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